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Dead by Daylight Mobile - four reasons why you should give it a try

Dead by Daylight Mobile - four reasons why you should give it a try

First released in 2016, Dead by Daylight continues to enjoy immense popularity and is often ranked among the best horror games ever released, and for good reason! Dead by Daylight is one of the most brutal and terrifying games you’ll ever play, and, thanks to its recent relaunch, Dead by Daylight Mobile is now better than ever! So if you’re already a fan and wondering what’s new, or a new player pondering on whether you should try it, here are four reasons why you should take a look.

For the sheer terror of it

If you can imagine a twisted game of manhunt, organised by one of horror-fiction’s most sinister characters, then you’ll more or less get the gist of what Dead by Daylight Mobile is all about.

Players are invited to take part in matches where they’ll either assume the role of one of four Survivors, who must try to escape from their pursuer, or choose to be the pursuer (or Killer as they’re called in the game) and track down all of the Survivors before they get away.

Every character in the game possesses a unique skill-set that presents a fresh challenge with every game. Getting to know the maps and the different routes (or loops) you can take to capture your victims, or escape the Killer is an addictive challenge - and for those playing as Survivors, it’s a truly nerve-wracking one to take on.

Thanks to a number of optimisation and quality-of-life fixes, the gameplay is now much smoother and, seemingly bug-free, making sure your experience remains exhilarating, rather than frustrating.

New and improved graphics

Upon its initial release, Dead by Daylight Mobile treated us to a visceral, stripped down, experience that perfectly encapsulated the ominous nature of its subject matter. Mobile graphics have come a long way since then however, so NetEase have given the game a brand new look, overhauling the visual look of character designs and maps. Survivors are more vibrant, the environments far crisper, and the Killers look far more impressive. The grimy, brownish tint is now replaced by a more vivid colour scheme. Based on looks alone, Dead by Daylight Mobile appears like a completely new game, and is all the better for it.

The visual enhancements don’t stop with the lighting and textures either. The menu screens have also been given a makeover, with everything now brighter and far easier to navigate visually. A number of physics effects for cloth and hair have also been added, which, along with a new shadow system, add a subtle layer of realism that makes the gameplay even more dramatic.

Share the fear by making friends

Dead by Daylight Mobile now includes a suite of social features that finally gives the game some much needed purpose. After all, a good horror experience is one that’s shared with friends and not endured alone.

Players can now chat with each other in pre-game and post-game lobbies as well as communicate, via the game’s messaging system, both privately and globally. What’s more, you can also see your game history and performance stats and compare it with your friends, or see how you stack up against other players around the world with the new leaderboard system.

You can also build communities with the new squad system, which allows players to create a squad of up to seven members. Members of squads will also gain an extra 10% Blood Points bonus at the end of every match.

Find everything you’re looking for at the Bloodmarket

To gain a slight edge before starting a game, you can purchase items such as Offerings and Add-ons in exchange from the Bloodmarket - a mobile exclusive market system that provides the perfect setup for on-the-go gaming.

With the Bloodmarket, you can easily spend your Bloodpoints to obtain goodies whilst avoiding having to spend time acquiring specific items to unlock a new tier. Instead, you’re greeted with a variety of selections that you can purchase at will. Purchasing enough items at the first tier unlocks the next tier, and so on. The market will also automatically refresh every 24 hours so you always have a fresh opportunity of finding something you want.

The reasons above only scratch the surface of what Dead by Daylight Mobile has to offer. To get the full breakdown, you can visit the game’s official website, or dive into the game and experience it for yourself by downloading it right now from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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