Pinata Punishers is a new idle clicker from Rogue Games and Gunstone Studios that I've already spent way too much time with. I say this because idle clickers are a real video game vice of mine, one that I typically have to avoid at all costs.

They take me back to my time at school and university when I'd procrastinate endlessly by mindlessly tapping or clicking away, mostly just before an essay was due or an exam loomed on the horizon. And just when I thought I was out, Pinata Punishers has gone and pulled me back in.

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At the time of writing, I've hit level 44, fought several bosses, and am well on my way to growing a proper pinata-smashing empire.

As is standard, you'll start out having to do all the tapping yourself, but before long, you'll have an army of stick, club, and sword-swinging luchadores at your disposal. These guys and their respective pinatas are split into rows that you can easily scroll up and down to switch between.

Upgrading a pinata will increase the amount of cash they drop, but it'll also boost their health. This means you should really upgrade your luchador's speed and damage in line with their pinata's health.

It's bright, silly, full of unlockables, and the addition of boss fights gives it some extra personality. These guys all have their own moves and avoidance tactics to overcome, mixing things up and giving you something extra to work towards. And once their health has been whittled down, you can finish them off with an almighty punisher, including "Death by Chihuahua". 

Right now, I'm left wondering why all these pinatas need to be smashed? What's it in aid of? I can't guarantee that we'll ever uncover answers that satisfy, but I can tell you that you'll find Pinata Punishers available for download now as a free-to-play title over on the App Store and Google Play.

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