Now that we've all put out our GOTY lists, I figured it'd make sense to shine a little light on several games that might not have received the love they deserved. I've tried my best to include a good mix of titles, from story-focused puzzlers to hard-as-nails platformers, so hopefully there's something on here for most of you. If not, maybe you've got a few games of your own that you'd like to suggest?

How did I pick these? Well, I've gone and done a very advanced and scientific piece of research into precise download numbers vs critical reception and… nope. Basically, it's all very much a gut feeling mixed with whether I've seen them pop up time and again through the year or what their rough download numbers are like. That sort of thing.

Some of these games even made it into a couple of our GOTY lists, including my own and Dann's. That's how you know they're good, right?

So here you have it! These are the top 5 best games you might have missed in 2019.


Photographs is a smart puzzler with a heavy focus on narrative. It spans five distinct vignettes, which range from the fantastical to the mundane. You'll find yourself playing as an up-and-coming diver one moment, then a potion-brewing wizard the next. Each section features its own unique puzzle, and they all inform and enhance the narrative arc of the vignettes in novel ways.

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Harry reviewed it earlier this year, saying "Photographs is a genuinely unique puzzle adventure that deserves to be played by as many people as possible." And I'm absolutely inclined to agree with him.

It's not an easy ride, with it featuring some upsetting and macabre moments, but those who stick with it are in for a proper treat.