eclidus is a new puzzle game from Eruption Games that's to emulate the idea that you're trying to solve a 2D Rubik's Cube. It's also apparently very difficult with the developers opting to go with a tag-line of 'you'll hate it before you love it'. It's available now for iOS and Android.

They even have a metric for how difficult it's supposed to be which will mean a lot more to folks who have an in-depth knowledge of these kinds of puzzles than myself. Apparently the difficulty of eclidus lies somewhere between a standard Rubik's Cube and a Pyraminx.

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Due to the number of shapes and colour variations, there are over a million states the puzzle can be in at any given time with only one of them being the solution. It's this declaration of difficulty that will probably intrigue ardent puzzle fans the most because they'll want to test out whether there's any merit to these claims.

The presentation looks delightful though. The puzzle is presented in a hexagonal shape with 24 smaller triangles inside of it. You can then swipe diagonally and horizontally to move the different triangles to where you need them to be.

They have a very satisfying sounding clicking noise when you do this that should hopefully give the game a tactile feel that you'd want from a game that involves this much twisting. That's also entirely the intention as well. The developers wanted to try and create a game that would have the same addictive feeling people get with the classic Rubik's cube even once they know how to solve it.

So it's heart is definitely in the right place, I just hope that the difficulty meets the expectations players may have after the developer's claims.

Eclidus is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $1.99.

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