Call of Duty Mobile has finally launched worldwide, and we've spent plenty of time in the game already racking up wins and kills by the dozen. The game manages to perfectly capture the aesthetic of the full AAA console titles, while also giving you the excellent feel of flow that keeps you playing for hours.

But if you're an experienced console or PC player, the touch screen controls are going to take some adjustment. That's exactly why this guide is here. The game's controls are mostly similar to other mobile shooters and battle royale titles with on-screen controls, like PUBG Mobile, but does differ in a few key areas.

Regardless of your experience with mobile shooters, this guide is sure to help you adjust to playing Call of Duty Mobile, whether that's in multiplayer or battle royale mode.

Simple Mode VS Advanced Mode

Simple mode seems appealing at first, but it's applications are weak, as is the hipfire accuracy in this game. Honestly, you'll just be giving your position away with Simple Mode, since the automatic firing is a strict disadvantage.

Advanced mode, however, gives you all the tools you need. Dual-stick movement, ADS, a separate fire button on the left of the screen, crouch, jump, reload, the works.

You can use hipfire in close-quarters situations, of course, but I found it to be more inaccurate than you might expect. As such, I can only really recommend aiming down the sight of your weapon more often than not.

When you're standing in an ideal position, you can ADS on the right side of the screen, use the right side to aim, and then there's a fire button on the left. It's incredibly useful for these situations, but of course, this button combination can make more immediate, close-range combat more dangerous. As such, we have the next tip…

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