Summoning heroes, troops and more is an essential part of Brave Order. That doesn't mean it's easy to do though, as we'll spell out in this guide.

Brave Order is a new mobile RPG on Android and iOS which you can spend hours on just powering up your characters, let alone battling through the campaign.

This guide will specify how summons and the gacha mechanics of Brave Order work, while giving you a good idea of what the game is like.

Just read on for the information you need on summoning in Brave Order.

The gacha game

Brave Order

This is a gacha game. Yep, sorry to break it to you like, this but you'll be summoning all manner of heroes and items in order to progress.

Only it feels a bit… stingy, honestly. You have two primary methods of summoning through The Arbor, where you'll be able to summon heroes, artifacts and troops.

You'll start the game with a few Heroic Essences, which are used to summon, so you can use up those and quickly get a few free characters. You'll likely mostly get troops, which will at least help out quite a bit in the early game, though a fourth hero would be best.

When you summon new heroes, troops or whatever, make sure to level them up, and equip any items, spells or tactics. Get them at least on the level with your other heroes.

If that's difficult, you might want to jump into older, easier missions in order to level up the weaker heroes and troops, so you're more prepared for the difficult battles that lay ahead.

You'll want more heroes, but it's a pretty difficult job, honestly. Which is why you need these tips, of course.