Brave Order cheats, tips - How to get the strongest team possible

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Brave Order cheats, tips - How to get the strongest team possible

Strengthen not only your heroes, but everything else

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Brave Order is a game that requires strength. Your physical strength to hold your phone, the mental strength to persevere, and the game strength to smash through difficult missions. And those missions can get difficult.

If you're stuck on a boss, maybe what you need is to ensure you've got as much strength as possible. And I don't mean just levelling up your characters, oh no, there's much more to it than just that.

In order to get through the tougher fights you'll have to be totally prepared. Luckily, that's exactly why this guide is here.

Read through this guide and you'll have the information you need to power up your heroes fast, and make sure they're ready to fight against the toughest missions in Brave Order.

More than just levels

Brave Order

In order to progress through Brave Order, you'll need a strong team. Yeah, you can level up the base team you get at the start as much as you possibly can, but that won't necessarily help you get through the game. Take it from me, things can really get tough here.

So how do we progress through? Well, the main plan will be to make sure you have a team that is completely filled out and prepared. And I don't mean your heroes, though those do factor into things, of course. I mean everything.

Your team has heroes, sure, but it also has valuable troop units, in addition to to troops' tactics, artifacts equipped to the heroes, spells to use in battle… Things actually get pretty deep if you want to be properly prepared for what lays ahead.

Yes, levelling up helps too, and you can level up your heroes, troops, and even individual pieces of equipment, but all of it is for naught if you can't even fill up your team.

Check out our summoning guide and make sure you have as many strong heroes and troops as possible before moving on.

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The troops

The troops are just as important as the heroes when it comes to battle. They will stand by your side and die with you if need be.

But better yet, they'll fight, and be essential to taking down enemies from a distance. Most troop units are ranged, and can hang back while doing massive damage.

You'll want to tailor your troops to the situation. If the enemies are melee enemies, maybe ranged troops would be better, or perhaps a change of tactics is in order, like suppression abilities.

Level up items

Yes, yes, levelling up is important. But battling alone will only level up your heroes, a frankly minor point in the grand scheme of things. Levelling up your items is harder.

There are specific items that will allow you to level up artifacts, tactics, spells and more, and all of them are important.

You can easily see which items do what in the emporium, and even get a free item each day to help you out. Stock up on them on missions, and then go into battle with complete preparation.


We mentioned tactics, and yes, they're important. You can change the abilities or strategies of your troops with tactics, making them much more effective, depending on the fight.

Bosses, for example, will have a harder time getting to your troops if you have ranged troops. Conversely, if you have primarily ranged heroes, perhaps melee troops can protect them while they cast.

Tactics will give troops abilities like targeted fire, or suppression to slow enemies or have them attack slower. You earn tactics slowly, but equip them to your troops once you unlock them, and remember to level them up.

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