Brave Order cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

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Brave Order cheats, tips - How to level up and FAST

Get strong quick with this level up guide

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Brave Order is the latest mobile RPG for you to battle and progress through. If you have a mind for strategy and gearing up your team, then Brave Order is for you.

The only thing is, you might find the difficulty in Brave Order ramps up pretty quickly. It really does, and to fight against that, you'll need to level up.

Whether it's a tough mission or a big boss that's getting you down, with some experience boosts, you can overcome everything. Read through this guide for the essential information you need on levelling up and fast.

Strength to continue

Brave Order

In Brave Order, little matters more than the strength of your heroes. Strategy is well and good, so is having a good team of heroes, but if those heroes are not strong, you're not getting anywhere.

If you've clicked this guide, you probably already know that some of the earlier stages can really kick your ass if you haven't gotten a sufficiently levelled up team.

And when I say team, I don't just mean your heroes, I mean the troops too. Oh, do the troops have tactics set? Do you have artifacts? Levelled those up? What about your spells? And so on, and so forth…

Unless you pay attention to all of these aspects, you will quickly fall behind, that's just a fact. Brave Order is punishing, it doesn't want you to easily summon heroes and items, nor does it feel satisfied with letting you simply move through campaign missions.

Of course, that's why we're here to help. Don't worry, we wouldn't leave you to struggle alone. We'll struggle with you.

Use the tips we're about to share with you, otherwise you might not even have the strength to make progress in the campaign, let alone to the end.

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Off on missions

You can't really use these missions while actually playing the game - missions are idle.

That means that when you are ready to leave your game and go and do, well, other stuff, you can send your heroes off on a mission.

There you'll get item rewards, experience, and a lot more. Missions are actually pretty important to progression, since other rewards are slow. Be sure to queue up missions when you log off.

Auto battle experience

Sometimes it's best to go back and get some practice in. As such, maybe you should replay older missions in order to get more experience and items.

You can make the battles play out automatically, and even speed them up to x2 speed. This means they absolutely fly by.

Unfortunately, it's not a good option, but is necessary if you find yourself up against a progress wall.

Item up

Are all of your characters well equipped? Got good spells? Full line up of troops? Still struggling? Sounds like you need experience boosts.

You can go through your heroes, troops and more and individually level them up, level up their tactics, their artifacts, and more.

All of this requires items you can get in the emporium, luckily you can get one of those for free each day.

There's so much to level up, you won't be able to keep up with it all.

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