Regular readers, or those of you with your ear to the ground and eyes on the shelves, will have noticed that the Nintendo Switch Labo VR has released. It's a tidy £35 to get started with the basic kit and that'll include a cartridge with assembly instructions and around 70~ bundled games.

The issue is that most of these bundled games, 64 of them in fact, are made using the cartridge's on-board development tools, with many of them simply interactive dioramas. Peripherals live and die by their game line-up, and with the Labo VR currently counting in at a line-up of precisely one cartridge there's not much hope for the headset.

That said, Zelda and Mario are both getting free patches which make them compatible with the device. But unless this is something the two games (both released in 2017) really scream and shout about — we're talking TV ads, main menu updates and shop standees — it probably won't pull in massive numbers. What the headset needs is games.

When I say games, I mean dedicated software. The kind that Ubisoft were notorious for when it came to the last few console generations. When a new console or peripheral launched they were standing there princely with Red Steel for the Wii, ZombiU for the WiiU, Child of Eden for home consoles with motion kits, and, well, Starlink for the dying toys to life genre. Many might have laughed at Kinectimals, Super Fruit Fall or Project Rub, but without the likes of those there wouldn't be the start of a browseable library — just ask Putty Squad.

Naturally there are obstacles to getting games over to the Labo VR. I can sit here and shout 'Elite Dangerous' all day, but the hardware can't handle the game and the VR doesn't currently have enough inputs to accommodate. When it comes to shooting games the Labo Blaster's fire button is also up near the user's face, although this does work without the pump being pulled back (that just cocks for recoil).

So, with this all in mind, lets get talking about some existing IPs, games and series which could be dusted off and prepared for the Labo VR Kit.

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