Another week in mobile gaming is coming to an end. I guess another week in the real world is coming to an end as well, since these things sync up so nicely. It's been a busy old week in these parts though, with new games coming out left, right, and centre, and we've gotten some glimpses at more distant titles that we reckon are going to be really special.

Obviously we want to make sure that you're caught up on everything that's happened over the past seven days, mainly so you're ready for what's almost certainly going to be another crazy week of news, reviews, opinion, and previews next week. Mobile gaming doesn't stop, so neither do we.

This week has been a real bumper one if you're a fan of adventure games - there are two or three recent releases that take the genre in really interesting different ways, so if you like pointing, clicking, and stories, there's definitely going to be a new game on the App Store or Google Play Store that's going to scratch that itch.

We've also previewed a bunch of games this week, from shooters to meditative road trips, to a monster-killing card game set in a school. A lot of the games we've covered are coming to Apple Arcade as well, so make sure you check them all out to get a sense of what the service is going to look like when it launches towards the end of the year.

Be sure to check back next week, when we'll be covering all the big mobile news with all the gusto you'd expect from Pocket Gamer. Oh, and if you haven't yet, click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you're always getting the best mobile gaming videos first.

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