In The Elder Scrolls: Blades, the game will get tough fast, and if you want to keep smashing through dungeons without paying up, you'll need to fully prepare yourself in every way possible.

You're going to need to bring the best gear, and enchant them in the ways which will benefit you - and of course, you're not going to know what that is until you've been able to read through a full list of weaknesses and resistances, like we have right here.

To get through those tougher levels, just read through our guide below and arm yourself with the vital info on how to pick apart enemies.

Why it's important

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In The Elder Scrolls: Blades you will come to a point where just bashing through enemies won't cut it. You can get better gear, increase your skills and hold your shield up, but even that isn't enough to stop the tirade of vicious enemies you'll be going up against.

You don't just need strong weapons and a high level, you'll need your gear specifically tuned to destroying the enemies in front of you.

Combine gear you get from chests with improvements from both the Enchanter's Tower and Smithy to create the best build possible to go up against certain enemy types, like Trolls or Wights.

Enemies will come thick and fast with a variety of reasons why they'll be resistant to what you're using, which is why you need to prepare adequately.

The type of weapon you use and what elements you've infused it with will make a massive difference as the game goes on, so it's important to know about these as soon as possible.

Axes do Cleaving damage, Swords do Slashing, and Maces and Hammers deal in Bashing damage. That's important to keep in mind, but the elemental affinities should speak for themselves.

Just click through below to check out our full list of enemy weaknesses and resistances in The Elder Scrolls: Blades.