It's been a week since the Call of Duty Mobile announcement, and we've been speculating on the news. After some consideration we are here to give you five reasons why it is going to be massive, and may well change the mobile gaming scene as we know it.

Back in 2007, when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launched, it reinvented the first person genre. It also knocked its nearest competition, the Medal of Honor franchise, plain out of the water. Its fast paced online multiplayer and risky move from WWII combat to a more modern setting put it leaps and bounds ahead and it took years for competitors to show their faces.

Call of Duty Mobile could easily cause a similar impact within the mobile space, not only due to the strength of the franchise, but also the fact it is being developed by one of mobile gaming's largest names - Tencent.

That said, Activision's flagship series has made its way onto handheld platforms before, and with little to show for it. So, what is different this time?

Here are the five big reasons that Call of Duty Mobile will make a massive splash when it lands.

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