Snakebird Primer is a follow-up to Snakebird, a super-tough puzzler from a couple of years ago. The Primer edition tweaks the difficulty down a bit to encourage new players in, but retains the gorgeous graphics of the original - a game former PG Editor Mark Brown absolutely bloody loves.

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Paul Manchester - iPhone SE

Don’t be fooled by the colourful (VERY colourful) cartoon aesthetics of this tough little puzzler. Things start out easy enough but soon had me scratching my head for solutions. The open nature of the level select means you can always dip into another puzzle if you need a break from a particularly troublesome scenario, keeping any phones from getting launched across the room.

The controls took a few minutes to get used to and I did find I selected the wrong character more than once, but an easy undo feature meant I didn’t get punished for these mistakes. Easy to recommend for any puzzle fans out there.