Just keep moving forward. Not only is it something we all must do in life, it's also the main aim in the game Scorcher.

In Scorcher you'll be speeding across alien lands, destroying sharks and avoiding massive sand worms. It's easy to learn, hard to master.

If you're jumping into Scorcher you'll want some basic tips to ease you into the proceedings. And we happen to have just that. Aren't we good?

Strafe and jump


Your main two techniques in Scorcher will be to strafe and to jump. Well, it's pretty simple, since you'll be moving forward automatically.

You can strafe by tapping or holding on the sides of the screen to move in that direction. The ship has a fair bit of horizontal acceleration when you steer, so perhaps tap the ship across to aim it.

Jumping is a little bit more difficult to execute, which is why you'll be able to change the jump input in the options menu. A second touch to jump worked for me, but some players might prefer the option to slide down.

There are also options in there for your strafing, making it slower or faster, and changing the input methods. You can use a proper steering style, but since you can move in straight lines for much of it, tapping or holding to move is our recommendation.

Simple? Well it should be, but life is never that simple. The corridors you'll be guiding your ship down are narrow and only feel narrower when you're moving at speed, which you soon will be.

Add to the mix obstacles in your way, and the speed and control of your ship feel like minor problems.

Moving forward will quickly become easy, but navigating while jumping over obstacles will be the struggle, and should be what you practice the most, once you've found a control style that's comfortable for you.