You haven't had enough shooting to do on the go, have you? None of us have, and that's exactly why FRAG Pro Shooter has landed in our laps.

In FRAG you'll be taking on real players in a game of shooting and strategy as you assemble the best team possible to overpower your enemies.

Get the strongest team and hunt down the enemy targets to win the round - though it's not always that easy. Read on for the essential tips you need to hunt down enemies in FRAG.<

Knowing your team

FRAG Pro Shooter

The most important thing factor when becoming a master of FRAG Pro Shooter is understanding your team of characters.

Each character has a different style of shooting, and a different special ability. You must know in detail the type of weapons used and how best to use them, and how to use their abilities.

For example, you'll quickly learn that slow-travelling rockets are best aimed at the feet of enemies, lest they strafe out of the way and it completely miss.

Other projectile weapons are worth looking at too. The general idea here is to aim just ahead of where your enemy is moving to, to be able to hit them.

Pistols on the other hand seem to hit enemies instantly, using a more traditional hit-scan technique. So characters that use pistols or other hit-scan weapons can just aim and fire away at enemies with little concern.

Then there are the abilities, including freezing enemies, placing remote mines, jetpacks, and more. Of course, each has it's own utilities. The remote mines can be placed on walls, and are great to lay on the ground when enemies are chasing, or on ramps or near enemy targets.

Jetpacks meanwhile make for great quick escape when under fire, or can be useful for flying straight up the enemy tower to get at their third and final target and win.

Take your time with each character and learn how their weapons are best used, and special abilities.