Everything you need to know about FRAG: Pro Shooter

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Everything you need to know about FRAG: Pro Shooter
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You might've played a few shooters on mobile devices before, but this is the first where you get to play a team-based shooter, only without the team. Victory is all on you in FRAG: Pro Shooter.

Knowledge of the battlefield is key in FRAG, along with an in depth understanding on the teams you can create and the cast of characters available to you.

You'll need to know how to unlock more characters, make them more powerful, and strategize in order to overwhelm your opponents. Luckily, we've got all of the information you need.

Whether you're just brushing up on the skills you need to win, or you want to research the best characters in the game, we've got articles for everything you need.

FRAG Pro Shooter

That includes a big review from our own Harry, who was impressed with FRAG and said: "The shooting here is slick and smooth, and there's a connectedness to the action that ensures everything feels important. Sure sometimes you'll jump into a new character and die instantly, but other times you'll cut through the opposition like some sort of arena knife through digital butter."

If you want to read more of Harry's glowing review, or want to understand the game better and win more matches online, you can find all of the information you need below.

First up is our review of FRAG, so you'll find out everything you need to know before jumping in.

And then we've got our guides, which will give you plenty of helpful hints to guide you to victory.

Get downloading FRAG now, and while you wait for it to install, get all the knowledge you need from us.

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