PUBG Mobile probably didn't need to have a crossover with an established franchise to draw in more players, but here we are - fans of the battle royale game can now face off against hordes of T-Virus zombies instead of just other players.

The PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 crossover adds a new mode called "Zombie: Survive till Dawn". As the name suggests, you'll need to survive three days and two nights of a zombie onslaught in a single 30-minute match. Oh, and there's 59 other players trying to kill you as well.

On top of the zombies, you'll also have to fend off Resi 2 bosses G (Stage 1) and the Tyrant, which will randomly spawn in to give you hell when you least expect/want it. Oh, and zombies get more aggressive at night, plus it'll be really hard to see what's going on. Sounds super stressful!

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Don't worry though, your efforts will be rewarded. You can win new skins to make you look like Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon and Claire, as well as new costumes based on Ada and Marvin, while the event is running.

As someone who's never really been into PUBG or Resident Evil 2, none of this really appeals to me. But it's pretty cool all the same! I love to see super bizarre crossovers, and this definitely ticks all the boxes on that front.

It definitely threw me for a loop during the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Finals where it was first announced, an event held in Dubai where I slowly lost my mind over the course of three days. You can read all about that over here, if you haven't already. Please do! It was a weird time.

Anyway. You can go grab PUBG Mobile for absolutely free on the App Store and Google Play, depending on which platform you prefer. I'm not entirely sure when it ends, so you might want to get in there sharpish so you don't miss out.