Well, Activision Blizzard may be sacking 800 people in its business, but the news cycle never stops, so here's something else the company has announced - each of its major IPs will more than likely have a mobile version released too.

In the company's investor call, COO Coddy Johnson said that "as we look forward to the coming years, we plan for all of our major franchises to be operating at scale and capitalizing on opportunities that include, robust ongoing live operations and regular content launches both large and small, strong mobile experiences available for all of the communities to enjoy, new engagement and monetization models including where appropriate esports, and advertising."

Johnson also stated that, regarding mobile games, "we have multiple projects underway across the portfolio in various stages of development."

That's a fair old chunk to read, but basically what we've drawn from it is that each of Activision Blizzard's major franchises - think Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, etc. - will have a mobile experience alongside its main console release.

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So that's... exciting? Bear in mind that we've known about a Call of Duty mobile game for a long time - King has been working on one ever since it got acquired by Activision Blizzard. And let's not forget Diablo Immortal, which riled up just about every Diablo fanboy on the planet.

What does that leave us with? World of Warcraft already has a mobile game, if you count Hearthstone. It's certainly proved popular on mobile, even if folks still consider it a PC game for the most part. And we've already guessed that Overwatch is going to get a mobile version - no idea what that'll look like though. Starcraft? Yeah, maybe.

With Bungie having taken its Destiny IP and sodded off to be its own independent studio again, that doesn't exactly leave Activision with a lot of other franchises to work with on mobile that we don't already know about, or have made an educated guess about. But it's still news, I suppose.

Anyway, let's not forget that Activision Blizzard made a record $7.5 billion in revenues in 2018, and is still sacking 800 people across its business despite that.