Back in March you might remember me chatting about a game called Beat Street, Lucky Kat's upcoming fighter. Well, not only has LK put up its first indie dev video, there's also a beta call.

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Beat Street is a portrait-style beat 'em up that you can play one handed, and since its announcement it's created quite the buzz online from Developers and mobile gamers alike.

LK Co-Founder, Herdjie Zhou starts off talking about 'why' Beat Street came to be made. As was mentioned before, everyone at the company loved playing 90s beat 'em ups like Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Turtles in Time, but since these sorts are hard to come by in the modern mobile world (without being utterly pants) LK decided to take on the task themselves.

Check out the video above where Zhou talks us through the various prototypes they explore before finding the one they liked. If you're excited about the game and want to give it a shot, sign up to the beta right here.