Updated February 23, 2020: Wording revisited,

Football. Soccer. The beautiful game. It's the most popular sport in the world, which is why it's no surprise that footy games are pretty big business.

On mobile, in particular, there's a surprisingly varied range of football games on offer. From casual time wasters to in-depth management simulations, you can enjoy a quality kick-around regardless of your commitment to the sport.

Having said that, the past year or two hasn't been kind on some of our favourite iOS footy games. Whether through the iOS 11 Appocalypse or other reasons (RIP Soccer Physics), we've lost some true champs.

Which is why, rather than replace the fallen with inferior fare, we've reduced our usual list of 25 footy games on iPhone and iPad to just 19 - with a couple of notable additions.

Come on iOS developers. Give us some more great mobile footy games to play this year.