Updated February 24, 2021: New entries added

A lot of people will claim that they don't like word games. Among the wider puzzle genre, it's very much an acquired taste.

Blame it on Christmas Scrabble marathons, dorky game shows, and the crossword section of your Dad's stuff old newspaper. Or maybe it's simply down to the fact that your brain doesn't really do words as well as other things.

Whatever the reason, word games are rather niche, especially compared to match-three puzzlers. But they really shouldn't be.

Alongside the usual word scramble games, there's a rich and growing field of other games that centre on words, but that doesn't feel like you're doing your homework.

We're talking about clever choose-your-own-adventure games, casual party games, and plenty of oddities that defy categorisation.

Have we missed out one of your favourite word games for Android? Let us know in the comments below.