There just aren't enough games about kissing. Fighting? Loads. Sports? Too many if anything. Shooting? Almost too many to count.

But lip locking and tongue wrestling are depressingly under represented in the gaming world. But that's something that Smooth Operator is trying to rectify.

It's a co-op smooch fest that involves following a pattern on the screen with your fingers to extend your tongue into the gob of your fellow player's character.

The whole thing feels a bit like Street Fighter, but with drool and licking rather than punching and kicking.

Things are split into two different parts. First the screen is divided into two, and you need to follow a pink triangle around your section. The closer you follow it, the more points you get.

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Then there's a portion where both players need to keep touching a heart as it moves around. Do that well enough and you'll perform a super move.

These are different depending on which of the locations you're smooching in. At the pet store cats pop out of your mouths and paw at a ball of yarn.

At the arcade one of you performs a Chun-Li aping flurry of tongue kicks and the other gobs out a spittle hadouken.

It's a lovely experience, both slightly unsettling and endearing, and full of chances to tangle fingers with your opponent, if that's the sort of thing you're in to.

It's great to see that there's space for games like this on mobile, and its release date, February 11th, is perfectly timed to catch the hearts and tongues of many a Valentine's Day dreamer.