Smooth Operator is a fighting game about kissing, coming to iOS in July

And to Android soon after

Smooth Operator is a fighting game about kissing, coming to iOS in July
| Smooth Operator

Most fighting games involve punches and kicks. But not Smooth Operator - it's a co-op kissing game in which you aim to give each other the most pleasure you possibly can.

It should be out on iOS in July hopefully. It'll also be coming to Android soon after.

Beardo Games has been working on Smooth Operator for the past year. It started off as a Ludum Dare game jam called Second Base made over a weekend. The team then decided to expand upon the idea for touchscreens.

Primarily, it's a two-player game that has you each choose a character - man or woman; anything goes - and then match tongue shapes while French kissing (aka snogging).

There are two different modes that test your reactions and memory. And there's also a freestyle mode for more experimental kissing techniques.

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Oh, and ignore part of the trailer above, as the single player mode has been removed since then.

These two player matches are meant to be played on the same device so as to "create an awkward faux-intimacy, matching the theme of the game," according to Beardo Games.

At the end of the session you're told how compatible you both are based on the tongue curling pleasure you gave each other.

Whether you're ready for Smooth Operator or not, it is coming, so get practising on your hand in the mirror. Check out the game's website for more information.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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