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There's something pretty satisfying about Hopply. It's a podgy little jumper that involves leaping from lilly pad to lilly pad.

The problem is those lilly pads are swiftly disappearing, and if you're stood on one when it slips below the surface you lose a life. Lose all of your lives and it's game over.

It's another take on the Crossy Road format, and there are multiple characters to unlock. Different characters give the world you're jumping around a different look.

A spooky grim reaper-type jumps from rock outcrop to rock outcrop in a pool of lava for example.

The twist here is that everything is made of clay. It gives an excellent handmade feel to proceedings, and coupled with mouth-noise sound effects, creates a sort of twee and entertaining atmosphere.

On the table at PGC, players have been creating their own monsters for the game. One of them is a fish with legs. Obviously.

It's not massively original, but there's a sweetness to it, and a rock solid compulsion loop, that means it could find some traction in the games folder on your mobile or tablet when it launches later in the year.