Ever wanted to experience a World War 2 tank battle in virtual reality?

Well, good. Because World of Tanks developer Wargaming today has released '1941 Battle: 360° Reenactment', a virtual reality experience designed to drop you in the middle of battle.

This video, which was produced in affiliation with Google, isn't interactive, but is instead a piece of '360° cinema' containing four tanks, 40 infantry reenactors, artillery, and warplanes.

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You can watch the video on a desktop, but it works much better when you strap on Google's cheapo VR headset Cardboard, and a pair of headphones.

This isn't Wargaming's first crack at virtual reality. Earlier this year the company produced a series of five videos titled 'Virtually Inside the Tanks' with Google and the Bovington Tank Museum, which allow viewers to explore some of World War 2's most famous tanks, inside and out.

Do these flirtations with VR hint of a virtual reality enabled World of Tanks in the future? We can only dream.