"Why don't they all attack at once?"

It's a common criticism of kung fu movie logic, as one man takes down a dozen obliging opponents one at a time.

Fingers of Fury builds its simple twin-tap gameplay around that consideration.

Our Bruce Lee-a-like protagonist finds himself surrounded by adversaries, and you must select whether to launch a single punch or a wide-ranging roundhouse kick, depending on how many opponents join the attack.

It sounds simple, but when those waves overlap, and when certain enemies require more than one hit to put down, things get a lot trickier.

Tricky in a good way, though. Also good - the game's stylised 3D graphics, which remind you that this is the developer behind the lavish CounterSpy.

Fingers of Fury isn't as ingenious or nuanced as that game, but it is a pleasantly rhythmic tap-'em-up.

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