Are you a fan of randomly-generated 16-bit worlds waiting to be explored?

Does the thought of cresting a hill to discover a cow, dungeon, or maybe even a crashed meteorite get your palms sweaty with excitement?

Well, of course you are and of course it does - that's why you’re reading this announcement.

One of the eagle-eyed writers over at spotted an advert for the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning Terraria on the PS Vita in this week's issue of MCV - right alongside the PS4 / PS Vita superbundles.

Better yet, Eurogamer's received confirmation from 505 Games that Terraria will be released for the PS Vita on December 4 of this year, so it looks like Christmas has come a bit early for the Vita faithful.

Which craft?

In our review of the iOS iteration of Terraria, we found that the controls were a bit flaky but decided the game was undeniably "deep and deeply engrossing".

It's not a simple Minecraft clone as some might suggest. Yes, both mining and crafting are involved in Terraria but there's a hefty focus on adventure with mountains of goodies and secrets to discover.

While its learning curve is a bit steep at times, there's a whole wide world in Terraria waiting for those who have the perseverance to explore it.

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