Michael Brough's Corrypt was regarded by many as one of the best indie puzzle games last year. With that kind of recognition in mind, then, it's not too surprising to find other developers taking inspiration from it.

One of those is Diego Cathalifaud, who isn't bashful about comparing his adventure-puzzle iPhone game Enjayed to Brough's aforementioned box-pushing game.

If you are one of those already sold on the idea of a Corrypt-inspired iPhone game, then you'll be glad to read that the normally premium-priced Enjayed is now "free for a short time".

Enjayed is a puzzle game, which, admittedly, doesn't look like anything remarkable from the screenshots. You may groan at its look and concept.

But here's a game that's a little 'smarter' than it initially appears. Therein lies the brilliant deception.

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You play a small fella pushing crates around to reach silver and gold coins for the wizards who demand them to open up the paths they block.

There are also some buttons you need to hold down with the crates and a couple of keys to collect. Nothing too interesting so far.

Furthermore, there are some out-of-reach spots within the walls and lower floors of the structures. To start off with, though, you may merely consider them decoration. And you'd be wrong to assume that.

This world is far more mysterious than you first think.

Hidden treasures

One thing you will definitely notice when playing Enjayed is that the guy you're controlling grows older every time you enter a new section of the game's world. First, a beard appears, then grey hair. How strange.

In this mysterious "Enjayed Multiverse", space and time are played with in a very peculiar way. And to solve the game's meta-puzzles, you'll need to explore and discover the hidden mechanics. But don't expect this to come easy.

You'll need to link your fragmented discoveries together in your head to solve the game's hidden riddles. Warning: it may cause you a bit of a headache. But when it all clicks, you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Enjayed isn't going to be for everyone, sure, but if you are even slightly intrigued by my impressions of the game, then it's worth downloading it while it's free and seeing what you think. And think again.