Lining up three images in a row sounds a fairly simple concept to hang a game around, but RedFish believes its latest title – The Slots – has far more depth than its core premise would suggest.

Dan Jones from RedFish spoke to us about how The Slots isn't just another virtual gambling title, and what's been added to help draw you into its world of spinning reels and flashing lights.

Is it possible to make a game with a premise so simple stand out in a overcrowded marketplace though? Jones believes so.

"We wanted The Slots to be appealing not only in the way it looks and sounds, but its gameplay too," he says.

"We really had to push the genre in a new direction, and the eye-catching cartoon style graphics set entirely in very intense worlds is what makes the game unique. Users can embark on fun-filled adventures through several worlds containing pirates, dragons, and, er, fruit. Lots and lots of fruit."

Putting together the game took longer than you might think too, due to the enthusiasm of the development team. "Everyone on the dev team was very committed to make sure the game was great," Jones says.

"It's a matter of creating not just something pretty to look at, but making it enjoyable for the players. The game is a unique blend of bright and distinct visuals and engaging gameplay."

Jones also emphasizes that there's a fair bit of depth in The Slots, thanks to the virtual betting options available across all ten machines.

"Any player will play a game that frequently rewards them, and The Slots offers multiple user selectable ways to wager and make winning combos with up to 25 paylines," Jones explains.

"A number of line bets can be selected according to the user's preferences, such as hourly and daily bonuses, amusing multi-level games, free spin bonus rounds, scatters, and wilds."

If you found yourself lost in that last sentence of jargon don't worry though - Jones says The Slots makes sure anyone can pick up the intricacies of the title in no time.

"The game is not skill-heavy," he says. "It is easy to master the rules regarding the paylines, the payouts for each symbol, and the bonus features of each machine. Players can customise the rules to suit them."

Jones ultimately believes downloading The Slots is an easy choice, especially as it can be played in the palm of your hand.

"The best part about playing this type of game on a mobile device is that you gain instant access and experience the thrill of real casino games," he explains.

"This is extremely handy as you get an assortment of great slot machines wherever you are, and the odds in game are comparable to the machines found in Las Vegas."

Plans are in place to improve the title moving into 2013 too. "We plan to add even more depth to the game by improving the gameplay, enhancing the graphics and audio, adding new bonus features, and making the experience even more interactive and dynamic," Jones says.

"We also rejoice when players write about our game and give honest feedback - we like people to just come out and say what they want."

You can download The Slots as a Universal app on iPhone and iPad for free [iTunes link].