Fruit Ninja pioneered the whole play-with-your-food genre, and Qubop's latest Bubble Scoop takes this category to its logical (!) conclusion via a trip to the ice cream man.

Featuring vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry goodness, Bubble Scoop is all about matching the right scoops to eliminate the corresponding flavours. The scoops are all shot out of your cannon-mounted ice cream truck.

Groovy flavours, man

There are almost 100 levels to scoop your way through, each working on the now-customary three-star scale. The faster you work your way through a level, the higher the star rating. Bombs, hearts, and other items add variety to the pick-up-and-play style.

A little twist is that it isn't enough just to match scoops: in addition, you have to clear the way for cherries that randomly appear in the level.

The only way to move on is to collect a minimum number of cherries, so the game is essentially about playing damage control with the deluge of ice cream while waiting for the cherries to come in.

Bubble Scoop is out now for iPhone and Android.

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