The launch of new technologies such as Game Center provides developers with an opportunity to release new games or soup up existing ones.

It's limited by time, however: if you're not quick, someone else will capture the sales from early adopters.

One developer making full use of the window of opportunity, particularly in terms of the multiplayer options now available in Game Center, is Texas studio Pangea Software, which has overhauled three of its existing games with real-time multiplayer modes.

Soaring high

Combat flight racer Nanosaur 2 (pictured) now has six new levels and three new multiplayer modes for up to four players including Capture the Eggs, Battle, and Race.

Using Game Center, you can play against your friends or random opponents using the system's auto-match options.

The Mario Kart-esque Cro-Mag Rally (a Pocket Gamer Silver Award winner) supports four-player online racing, while million-selling puzzler Enigmo enables up to three players to compete to solve puzzle.

All games support Game Center's Voice Chat features.

Better together

“I have not been this excited about an app release since the App Store first opened,” says Brian Greenstone, Pangea's president.

“There are several million existing owners of these games, and I can’t wait to start playing against them. iOS 4.1 has changed the gaming landscape on the iPhone, and I predict that most if not all of our upcoming games will be multiplayer capable.”

Nanosaur 2 ($3.99/£2.39), Cro-Mag Rally ($2.99/£1.79), and Enigmo ($2.99/£1.79) are available now, and work on devices running iOS 3.1.3 or later.

You need to be running iOS 4.1 to gain access to the Game Center features, though.