After announcing impressive sales figures for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Apple trumpeted its success in courting portable gamers.

CEO Steve Jobs trumpeted iPod touch in particular as "the number one portable games device" with over '50 percent of market share in the US and globally'.

In other words, iPod touch is kicking butt. Specifically, Jobs claims that the device is outselling "Nintendo and Sony combined".

Trojan horse

While the numbers support that conclusion, it must be said that not every iPod touch sold is used for portable gaming.

Nonetheless, the point is valid. Even when accounting for a number of iPod touch owners who do not play games, the majority are using the device to get their game on.

Jobs also revealed that 1.5 billion games and entertainment apps have been downloaded to iPod touches.

The rise of iPhone and iPod touch as portable gaming devices runs contrary to claims from executives at Nintendo and Sony downplaying Apple's gaming chops.

With Nintendo 3DS expected before March 2011 and rumours of a new PSP model, however, iPod touch will have renewed competition soon.