For the third year in succession, our humble organ has the honor of being named as one of the web's 100 essential sites by the Guardian newspaper, one of just four game related sites featured in the listing.

Whereas the rest of the list may have seen some dramatic changes reflecting the growth of new technologies and trends like social networks, the growth of video content and micro-blogging (specifically Twitter), Pocket Gamer has retained its mantle, being acclaimed as "still by far the best site on handheld gaming."

Suffice to say words can't express our gratitude for this homage, but that didn't stop our own dear leader, Steel Media's managing director Chris James, from having a good go.

"I'm absolutely delighted that we've been named in the Guardian's prestigious essential 100 sites list for the third year running, although I can't really take any credit," he stated. "It's really a testament to all the hard work and dedication invested by site editor Rob Hearn and his brilliant team throughout 2009 and, of course, all our readers who've supported us over the last three years."

Ever the optimist, James went on to lay an early claim to a slot in 2010, too. "With the advent of new smartphone platforms and app stores such as Android and Ovi, the seemingly unstoppable march of the iPhone and the renewed handheld efforts of Nintendo and Sony, portable gaming is going to be even bigger news next year and Pocket Gamer will remain dedicated to providing the very best coverage for gamers on the go!"

You can read the full list of the Guardian's 100 essential websites here.