We've already had developer Firemint releasing a free version of its Real Racing game as part of an advertising campaign for Volkswagen today and now comes news that Reebok is getting in on the act.

Reebok iSprint, from UK developer ustwo in conjunction with mobile marketing agency Inside Mobile, is now live on the App Store.

It's a neat little app that has you running the 100m with your fingers - basically flick running - to get the fastest time you can.

Reebok iSprint links up to a global scoring system that is already peaking at around 7.5 second, or around three seconds faster than my little fingers can run.

There's also a two player Bluetooth head-to-head mode, while you can run through four courses - indoor, outdoor, grass, and tarmac.

Obviously, the point of the game is for Reebok to advertises its ware, so after each race, you'll be hit with a geographically localised, full-screen ad, which allows Reebok to serve up fresh offers and content to different markets.

And as you get better at iSprint, you'll also be provided with discount voucher codes on Reebok clothes and shoes which you redeem via reebok.com.

Reebok iSprint is available for free. Hit the Buy It! button to run over to the App Store.