We've been following the development of the UK-made powerhouse pocket computer, multimedia device and open source gaming platform, the Pandora, for quite sometime now.

Just the other day we were chuffed to bits to see the Pandora running a SNES emulator and a PlayStation emulator before that, and today we see it going one step further with its first attempt at running games from Sega's ill-fated, yet beloved swansong console, the Dreamcast.

Admittedly there is still a lot of work to do, but by all accounts this was a quick and dirty part of the NullDC emulator, and doing an impressively decent job of it, too. The team behind Pandora is confident that with a bit of extra work, this emulator can be brought up to full speed.

If this grabs your interest, you'll be glad to hear that the device is preparing to go into mass production at a factory in Texas, with an initial run of 4,000 Pandora units being put together. A small number of pre-orders are still available, with the next batch planned sometime in 2010.

A large number of development units have been sent out to software developers to begin shoring up games and applications for the open source project, so head on over to the fancy new official website to stay apprised of Pandora's progress (and don't forget to check back here regularly, as we'll be keeping a close eye on her as well).

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