Ouch. That crap strapline isn't going to look very good on my yearly evaluation.

Anyway, the important thing is that we're taking a look at the new line drawing game iSpacePort from fledgeling developer Lucky Bastards (love the name, guys! It must look awesome on the company letterhead).

An asteroid has come to destroy the Earth, and given that Bruce Willis is just a fictional character, there's nothing we can do but run. Your task is to guide the survivors orbiting the remains of our once lush and polluted planet to the safety of an intergalactic wormhole.

Playing very much in the vein of Flight Control and Harbor Master, iSpacePort adds in the extra challenge of avoiding asteroids, meteors, comets and fragments of a destroyed planet as you attempt to navigate your way through deep space.

The Lucky Bastards are also taking a hint from Pocket God by releasing iSpacePort episodically. The first two episodes are in the bag, while players are being invited to send in their ideas for episode three.

Check out the gameplay video below, then hit the 'Buy It!' button to teleport over to the App Store for a closer look.

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