The iPhone 3.0 software will be released this evening, according to O2 UK. Which scotches all those Twitter rumours of a 3pm debut for the update.

Read it for yourself on O2's website: "iPhone OS 3.0 software will be available this evening. Get over 100 new features on your existing iPhone including picture messaging (MMS)."

That's their bold type, by the way.

So it seems us Brits will have to wait until 6pm as previously reported, which would mean 1pm in New York and 10am in San Francisco.

UPDATE: O2 Ireland's official Twitter feed has confirmed that "The latest iPhone OS 3.0 software will be available for download from 6pm tonight".

Earlier in the afternoon, O2's parent company Telefonica sent an SMS to iPhone users in Spain telling them the iPhone 3.0 software was now available - even though it wasn't.

Pocket Gamer reader JS alerted us to it in a comment on this story, but Twitter then heated up with angry users confirming it. D'oh!