Maybe we're just moaning because we didn't get enough Easter eggs, but after complaining about the lack of releases via the DSi Shop two weeks after launch, we've finally dug up a list of games that Nintendo - and various other publishers - will be releasing between now and July.

These are...

A Little Bit of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: Maths Edition (Nintendo); which has already been released in the US as Brain Age Express: Math. It's a repackaged version of the basic Brain Training games with a focus on maths. It also uses the DSi's camera for gameplay, and you can take a photo for your in-guide profile.

Art Style: PiCOPiCT (Nintendo); another game in the Art Style series, it's a falling block/match three puzzle game which is based around 8-bit Nintendo game characters. Basically as you clear falling coloured blocks, they add to an unfinished 8-bit sprite. The action is accompanied by a soundtrack based on NES game audio.

Mighty Flip Champs (Nintendo); this is a sidescrolling maze game that sees you guiding a character called Alta by flipping areas to create a route to the exit.

Mixed Messages (Activision); this is a multiplayer version of party game Chinese Whispers in which one player writes down a phrase and passes the DSi over to another player. They have to draw a picture of the phrase, and pass the DSi to the next player, who writes down what they think the phrase is. This alternating words, pictures continues until you've run out of players. Odd eh?

Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity (Gameloft): The DSi version of Gameloft's mobile TV talent show game has you making your way from bedroom wannabe to minor personality before being pushed into Simon Cowell's sausage machine.

Real Football 2009 (Gameloft): Another Gameloft transfer from mobile is its generally excellent Real Football 2009, which interestingly has already been released as a retail game for DS.

There have also been plenty of other games released via DSiWare in Japan and the US, including special versions of 42 All-Time Classics and Magic Made Fun, plus other Art Style games such as SOMNIUM, HACOLIFE and NALAKU, although these may be considered a little too Japanese-centric for Western tastes.

So all we need now is Nintendo Europe to let us know when to expect them.