We don't need to tell you how well the iPhone's holding up as a gaming platform, but TouchArcade has been delving into the system's hardware growth and uncovered a tasty little peripheral from Belkin.

Initially, the JoyPod rumours didn't go much beyond a couple of schematic mock ups, but now we're seeing what could be a prototype. What's even more exciting – other than the potential to add actual, physical buttons to your games – is it now sounds possible that Apple will be providing support for the add-on in the system's SDK.

Official support of the JoyPod is an intriguing concept, and one which could further increase the accessibility of the iPhone and iPod touch (assuming the accessory will fit both units) as a gaming platform.

The unit offers through ports for the proprietary connector and audio jack, so there's no concern over charging, syncing, browsing or listening to music while using the JoyPod.

Looks kinda like a PSP, non?