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Arknights tier list - Best characters sorted from the top down

Arknights tier list - Best characters sorted from the top down

Smooth operators, as Sade would say!

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Updated on: August 4, 2022 - added Ling, Lee, Blacknight

There are quite a lot of characters in the game, and if you've been wondering what an essential Arknights tier list of all the best characters in the game would look like, then you're in the right place. We've compiled a complete tier list of all the operators currently available, so if you've been looking for a place to help you pick the right characters, then we've got you covered. 

To kick things off, you're probably familiar with the game and how it plays by now - so we'll skip straight onto the important things.

What exactly makes a character strong in Arknights, and how would it land in the S tier? 

In order for a character to be top tier, it should be able to clear out enemies on the battlefield fast enough or to have potent single target damage in order to kill upcoming bosses. That, along with a good synergy within the team, makes for a top tier character.

Of course, since Arknights is such an amazing mobile gacha, there's also the aspect of which characters you like. So taking the stunning artwork and immersive gameplay into consideration, we've got ourselves a winner. As for the gameplay, if you're not exactly familiar with it, all the characters (Operators) you use can be placed on a board, sort of like a tower defense game, and the goal is to clear waves of enemies and escape the lab. 

Arknights Operator types

At the moment, there are several types of characters, each one specialising in a specific field. Our Arknights tier list is divided to accommodate each of these characters and rank them according to their strength. Here is a specific list of operators, block on the big blue button below to read about each type. 

Caster  |  Guard  |  Defender  |  Medic

Specialists  |  Sniper  |  Supporter  |  Vanguard

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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Arknights Caster Tier List

Arknights Amiya character

Casters are characters that specialise in Magic Damage. They are usually ranged, and they are the equivalent of Mages in other similar games. When it comes to the best Casters, you can look at units with great amounts of damage that can obliterate opponents in a matter of seconds (ideally speaking). Casters completely ignore Armor, so in order to counter them, you should build Magic Resist.

S Carnelian, Dusk, Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Ifrit, Mostima
A Kjera, Amiya, Absinthe, Lava the Purgatory, Beeswax, Click, Gitano, Iris, Leonhardt, Mint, Passenger, Skyfire
B Corroserum, Greyy, Haze, Leizi
C 12F, Tomimi, Durin, Lava, Steward, Nightmare

Arknights Guard Tier List

Dobermann character holding a whip

Contrary to what their name implies, Guard Operators are not the first line of defense. Instead, they are powerful melee damage dealers who specialise in Physical Attacks - their defense is slightly higher than the defense of Casters, but they're nowhere as tanky as Defenders.

S Nearl the Radiant Knight, La Pluma, Blaze, Ch’en, Hellagur, Lappland, Mountain, SilverAsh, Skadi, Specter, Surtr, Thorns
A Tequila, Pallas, Akafuyu, Amiya (Guard), Astesia, Ayerscarpe, `k, Broca, Cutter, Flamebringer, Flint, Franka, Indra, Savage, Tachanka, Utage, Whislash
B Arene, Beehunter, Conviction, Estelle, Jackie, Matoimaru, Melantha, Mousse, Sideroca
C Castle-3, Dobermann, Frostleaf, Midnight, Popukar, Swire

Arknights Defender Tier List

Arknights tier list Liskarm operator holding a riot shield

Defenders are the typical tank characters that will be able to stand on the front line (or in this case, on the last line?) and soak up most of the damage coming their way. They are great for acting as the last line of defense when characters come rushing in, and if you pair them up with some top-tier healers, they'll be outstanding.

S Blemishine, Eunectes, Hoshiguma, Liskarm, Mudrock, Nian, Saria
A Shalem, Ashlock, Asbestos, Bison, Blitz, Croissant. Cuora, Heavyrain, Nearl
B Aurora, Bubble, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Mattherhorn, Hung, Vulcan
C Beagle, Cardigan, Spot, Noir Corne

Arknights Medic Tier List

Shining operator

As the name suggests, Medic Operators are units able to heal - in other words, Medics are the equivalent of Healers in pretty much any other game. They are ideally placed on a safe tile, away from the incoming units, since they mostly lack defensive or offensive skills.

S Kal'tsit, Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Shining, Warfarin
A Mulberry, Breeze, Perfumer, Silence, Whisperain, Tuye
B Folinic, Ceylon, Gavial, Myrrh, Sussurro, Purestream
C Ansel, Hibiscus, Lancet-2

Arknights Specialists Tier List

Phantom specialist Arknights character

Special units, oftentimes called Specialists, are Operators that can perform very specific tasks, such as setting traps, pushing, pulling, draining SP, and so on. They can be great in certain levels, but they shine most in PvP and as CC units. They don't have nearly as much damage as units dedicated to damage dealing, so you'll need a few damage dealers if you plan on deploying Special Operators.

S Aak, Phantom, Projekt Red, Weedy, Gladiia, Lee
A Mizuki, Cliffheart, Ethan, FEater, Gravel, Jaye, Manticore, Mr. Nothing, Kafka, Robin, Frost
B Kirara, Rope, Snowsant, Shaw, Waai Fu

Arknights Sniper Tier List

Jessica best sniper operators

Snipers are the equivalent of Archers or any other long-ranged unit with the ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage in a relatively short time. They typically have high attack speed, and they can be either single target focused or AoE.

S Fiammetta, Archetto, Ash, Exusiai, Rosa, Rosmontis, Schwarz, W
A Andreana, Blue Poison, Firewatch, GreyThroat, Platinum, Provence, Meteorite, Toddifons, Pinecone
B Fartooth, Aciddrop, Aosta, April, Executor, May, Sesa, Shirayuki, Vermeil
C Ambriel, Catapult, Jessica, Kroos, Meteor, Adnachiel, Rangers

Arknights Supporter Tier List

Deepcolor operator support

Supporters are, just like the name suggests, units that can aid their team. They can either provide buffs for their allies, or debuff enemy units, and that's extremely useful in PvP together with the Special units. However, there are also Supporters who can summon minions, which are ideal when you're trying to add more units to your team.

S Ling, Gnosis, Angelina, Magallan, Scene, Shamare, Suzuran, Skadi the Corrupting Heeart
A Roberta, Glaucus, Istina, Mayer, Pramanix, Sora
B Deepcolor, Podenco
C Earthspirit, Orchid, Tsukinogi, Nine-Colored Deer

Arknights Vanguard Tier List

Arknights tier list Vanguard operator Fang

Vanguards are similar to Defenders, in the sense that they are tanky characters with DP recovery which can act as your first line of defense since they have a relatively low cost and the DP recovery will generate DP constantly.

S Saileach, Bagpipe, Elysium, Myrtle, Siege, Saga
A Flametail, Reed, Texas, Vigna, Zima, Blacknight
B Beanstalk, Chiave, Courier, Grani, Scavenger
C Fang, Plume, Vanilla, Yato
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