Arknights continues main storyline with the release of Episode 11: Return to Mist

Arknights continues main storyline with the release of Episode 11: Return to Mist
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Arknights’ story hasn’t moved forward since the launch of Episode 10: Shatterpoint, back in October last year. Yostar has finally revealed that things are about to change as Episode 11 of the main storyline, Return to Mist goes live. The entire event organised for its arrival will be available until June 20th.

In Arknights’ Return to Mist questline, players will be transported to the Victoria Empire, which has been troubled by an ongoing dispute for 26 years now. While Terra’s future seems bleak right now, players can look forward to a bunch of new content in this update, including four new operators, outfits, furniture set, and other rewards.

Similar to Shatterpoint, Episode 11 also takes place in Londinium. The dukes’ battleship is rapidly making its way towards the city, meaning the Sarkaz army is en route as well. Even the Rhodes Island team is aiding in the defence after learning about the Sword and Shield of Victoria. Players must take on the new powerful Sarkaz enemies who promise challenging combat.

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Out of the four new operators being introduced in this update, Dagda is at the centre of it all. Players can add the 5-star guard to their squads simply for completing a few Return to Mist levels. Furthermore, they can also earn a new avatar, two plaques, LMD, upgrade materials, Emergency Sanity Samplers and Rhodes Island Supplies.

The other three operators include the 6-star Stainless, an Artificer Support who uses support devices to strengthen the team. Paprika is a 5-star Chain Medic specializing in healing allies, whereas Totter is capable of attacking multiple enemies at the same time as a 4-star Beseiger Sniper.

To top it off, the item shop introduces the new Witch Feast set for Lee, Iris, and Kazemaru. Shining Steps and Ambience Synesthesia make their returns too alongside a classroom-themed furniture set.

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