Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark Orbs, Nexon's latest new project, opens pre-registration

Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark Orbs, Nexon's latest new project, opens pre-registration
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Gaming giant Nexon has announced the opening of pre-registration for its next big project, a mobile gacha RPG called Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs. While details are relatively slim beyond a trailer and some basic information, we know that Argent Twilight is a gacha RPG that seems to take a lot of inspiration from the ever-so-popular Genshin Impact.

Based on what can be seen in the trailer, Argent Twilight appears to be a top-down turn-based tactical combat game, sporting a super anime-inspired art style. While the characters and general elemental trees seem to take some inspiration from the aforementioned Genshin Impact, the actual combat in-game seems to be pretty much its own thing, comparable only to something like Chrono Trigger in terms of moving your units around a battlefield strategically in that turn-based manner. But even then, this system seems so unique that it’s hard to make a direct comparison.

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As for the story, we’re pretty light on those details. Not a lot has been revealed, so it’s too soon to say exactly what it may be about. The character design is certainly unique, and there’s a fair assortment of appealing characters in the mix that has been revealed thus far. What we do know is that the game will feature a variety of game types like Raids, which will feature giant bosses, PvP battles, Guild Events, and more. All in all, it looks like there will be plenty of content to fill your time with within Argent Twilight.

Currently, there’s no release date for Argent Twilight, but if you’d like to be notified when it drops, you can pre-register for it on either Google Play or the App Store. There’s no official website nor social media handles out just yet either, so it’s safe to say the release might be a good way off.

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