Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark Orbs' first update introduces new characters and side stories

Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark Orbs' first update introduces new characters and side stories
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Nexon recently launched a new character-collecting RPG on mobile called Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs, and has released its first update today. It features a tonne of new content, including three new characters, more side stories that build on the game’s lore, QoL improvements, and a bunch of other events and rewards.

While Argent Twilight’s update adds three new characters with this update, the total comes up to 15. How? Well, each of the three new individuals – Isabel, Phantom, and Bombardier Captain will have five different elemental versions of themselves.

Isabel is a three-star police officer that targets enemies to deal higher damage to them. She is currently pursuing the Phantom, who happens to be the second character in this update and is a four-star trickster that excels at taunting enemies, swapping locations, and creating a multitude of opportunities. Finally, we have Bombardier Captain, another three-star character that leads the Sharp Shooter unit.

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The new side stories that have been added with this update will shine a light on characters that have rarely got a chance to appear in Argent Twilight’s main story, or haven’t at all. There are four of them, namely, Your Favourite Teddy, The Adventurers’ Guide, Phantom Hunt, and The Moonlit Mirage, which focus on the three new heroes. In addition to these, four more town request stories are also available now.

Since this is the game’s first content update, Nexon is also hosting a Surprise Point Shop Event where points can be exchanged for rewards like Isabel’s Soul Fragment Golden Feathers and more. Thanks to the QoL improvements, the game will have a new AI targeting system, the ability to select presets, and also mark turn orders during battle preparation.

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