Arena Breakout's Season 2: Battle for The Port will introduce an immersive new map and a tonne of other content

Arena Breakout's Season 2: Battle for The Port will introduce an immersive new map and a tonne of other content

Back in August, MoreFun Studios revealed what The Port, season two of the tactical FPS, Arena Breakout would involve. With over 80 million downloads under its belt, the mobile game is gearing up for a cracker of a new season and we finally have more information about it as the launch date nears.

The biggest feature in Arena Breakout’s The Port update is the massive Port map, which brings a whole new level of urban warfare. This region was once a busy city filled with commercial and entertainment spots but has since become a hostile battleground due to the Kamona civil conflict and its proximity to the sea, making it a great spot to loot valuable luxury goods.


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Players will have to stay on alert at all times as they can be ambushed from just about anywhere. Guoyapos Bay City features high rooftops of now abandoned buildings, a wide variety of alleys and underground passageways that are part of the Port Authority Area, and Guoyapos Avenue, which now seems like a maze thanks to the wrecked trucks and cars deserted there.

In addition, the update also introduces loads of new weapons, including three more assault rifles, the AN94, AEK, and ACE31. Plus, players can also go all guns blazing with the new DP12 shotgun and M300 revolver, all of which can be customized using Arena Breakout’s Ultimate Gunsmith System.

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Another mechanic being added to shake things up is the Storm Warning mode. Surviving on The Port was already challenging, but this mode makes things even harder. Expect to be obstructed by torrential rain and foggy weather that masks vision and muddies incoming audio. Players will have to figure a way out themselves in these unforgiving conditions.

Season 2: Battle for The Port will release on October 27th. Download Arena Break now for free.

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