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Arat: TPS MOBA, a brand new multiplayer PvP experience that blends MMO mechanics with arena shooter gameplay, launches in early access

Arat: TPS MOBA, a brand new multiplayer PvP experience that blends MMO mechanics with arena shooter gameplay, launches in early access
| Arat: TPS MOBA

A brand new action-packed MOBA has launched today for Android called Arat: TPS. This new multiplayer half-MOBA-half-MMO experience offers up a diverse assortment of side activities alongside the arena-based gameplay to enjoy with your friends and other players right in your pocket.

In the world of Arat, people have gathered to establish their own society within a virtual world. This doesn’t work quite as planned, unfortunately, and a corrupting force soon attacks their cyber utopia in the shadows, and there’s only one person who can battle this threat; the hero from Reality, who you of course play.

The gameplay side of things within the PvP arena is a lot like other mobile Third-person-shooters, though this one allows you to adorn your personal avatar with an assortment of custom skills to differentiate yourself from others on the battlefield. Within the 3v3 matches, you’ll be facing off against various other builds, so always be prepared for anything.

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Now, calling Arat a MOBA exclusively isn’t quite right, as it also has an MMO-like hangout space akin to the likes of VRChat, Recroom, or one of those other social spaces people log onto to chill and relax with one another. There’s a hub area, called Bit City, where you and other players can all chat and take part in a collection of small side activities as well as enjoy the scenery.

A big point of this game is the avatar customisation, as you’ll take up the role of the hero of the story and create a character within this digital space. With over dozens of outfits and decorations, you’re free to develop your character as you please.

Another unique feature Arat is stressing is a Romance mechanic. As you play with other players, you’re sure to begin developing bonds with one another, and if you find yourself enamoured with one of your fellow socialites, you can enter a Romantic bond that will affect your team’s composition within the MOBA portion of the game.

All in all, this is a very different sort of title and one that looks to shake up the typical MOBA experience with some super in-depth social mechanics as well. If you’re interested, you can find Arat: TPS MOBA is now available in early access on Android.

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