AQ2: Expanse is an upcoming space MMO with a persistent universe

AQ2: Expanse is an upcoming space MMO with a persistent universe
  • An upcoming space MMO with a persistent universe
  • Explore and complete missions solo or with friends
  • Dabble in trading, mining or combat, depending on what you fancy that day

Continuing my ongoing efforts to cover everything I saw at Pocket Gamer Connects London this year, today we're going to talk about AQ2: Expanse. It's a space MMO from indie developer Seven Point Red. The game will launch for iOS, Android and Steam with cross-platform support.

AQ2: Expanse promises a massive persistent universe with hundreds of sectors to explore, with each containing numerous asteroid belts, nebula, gas clouds and ice fields. Don't worry, though. You can zip through warp gates and even wormholes to travel around the galaxy that little bit quicker.

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But, as you might imagine, this isn't simply a sightseeing tour of the universe. There's plenty to do, whether you're looking for PvP or PvE. By joining a Corporation, you can claim sectors before knocking up buildings to enhance your trading, mining and defensive endeavours. You can also head to the markets to buy and sell various goods with other players.

If that's all a little pedestrian for your tastes, you can always head out into the galaxy and start attacking other ships. Combat plays out in real-time, and you can either attempt to become a lone wolf, fabled for causing destruction solo or join a Wing and obliterate other ships with your pals.

The ships themselves offer a decent amount of customisation with different shields, armor, engines and other spacey things to choose from. You can even modify your weapon turrets to suit your needs. If you're happy to sacrifice damage for increased range, that's an option.

AQ2: Expanse will eventually release on the App Store, Google Play and Steam, where you can Wishlight the game right now. In the meantime, head over to its official website if you want to stay up to date on the latest developments.

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