Apple Arcade set to add three new major titles in upcoming update

Get to grips with BAFTA-winning bullet heaven games and top endless runners

Apple Arcade set to add three new major titles in upcoming update
  • Apple Arcade's latest monthly update is right around the corner
  • There's three major titles with Vampire Survivors+, Temple Run: Legends
  • And finally, Castle Crumble is getting a Vision Pro-compatible version too!

Apple Arcade's monthly update is on the way, and it's a bit smaller than usual. But oh boy if we don't have a doozy with three new major titles, including one for the Apple Vision Pro, for you to enjoy.

The first, and biggest (and one we'll cover in more detail) is Vampire Survivors+. This bullet heaven game put the genre on the map. And while it was pre-empted on mobile by other titles like, there's no denying it's probably one of, if not the best, of the bunch. Vampire Survivors+ arrives on August 1st.

Next is Temple Run: Legends, which adds proper progression, plot, and different characters to the iconic endless runner. Temple Run: Legends will debut with over 500 levels as well as the familiar endless mode. It'll launch on August 1st on Apple Arcade, the same as Vampire Survivors.

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Finally, there's Castle Crumble. "But wait-!" you might say, "Castle Crumble is already on Apple Arcade!" And yes, it is, but this version of the game brings the action into real life, with a new spatial version for the Apple Vision Pro, letting you enjoy the physics-based destruction right in front of your eyes.

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While not the largest number of titles, we'd find it hard to deny this is an especially beefy update for Apple Arcade. We've got a BAFTA-winning bullet heaven game, a new twist on an iconic endless runner, and more apps for the Vision Pro is always good news.

Want to see what else has made its mark on Apple Arcade? Well you know we have to point you over to our list of all the Apple Arcade titles so far. And if you're not on iOS you can still enjoy our hand-curated picks for the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)!

Iwan Morris
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