Apple Arcade May update: Goat Simulator+, Badland Party, and more

Apple Arcade May update: Goat Simulator+, Badland Party, and more

It's raining games on Apple Arcade as May promises to be another rocking month for subscribers. This time around, two games are part of the Apple Originals line-up while two belong to App Store Classics for all the OG gamers out there. As always, there will launch on different days throughout the month ensuring everyone has time to try out each of these titles. For those of you that aren't patient enough, you can go straight to the list of the best games on Apple Arcade right away!

Apple Originals

Badland Party (May 6th)

The first one, releasing tomorrow itself is Apple’s Game of the Year, which features both Badland and Badland 2. It’s an epic side-scrolling journey with beautiful visuals and stunning 3D gameplay. With multiple characters to create, worlds to explore, challenging bosses to fight, and inquisitive puzzles to solve, Badland Party ensures hours of fun gameplay with up to four players via both local and online co-op modes. A lush world filled with Clones that need help awaits!

Warped Kart Racers (May 20th)

What would it be like having infamous characters from some of the most iconic animates shows like American Dad, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Solar Opposites in one game? It is definitely bound to be a warped experience! The second Apple Original guarantees exactly that with an insane kart racing game that features over 20 racers to choose from and 16 maps inspired by these awesome shows. Warped Kart Racers features a campaign mode as well as an eight-player match.

App Store Greats

Goat Simulator+ (May 13th)

A returning classic, everyone loves being a goat and destroying everything that meets the eye. With Goat Simulator+, players can wreak havoc in a massive open world-destroying things in the Goatville, Goat City Bay, and Buck to School levels! The greater the wreckage, the higher the points earnt!

Pro Darts 2022+ (May 27th)

May’s final addition brings darts to your pockets. With breathtaking 3D graphics, Pro Darts 2022+ creates a unique darting experience with whacko levels and an insane amount of dart component combinations to choose from. With a diverse player assist system, everyone from newbies to veterans are assured a great time.

Which game are you looking forward to this month? All of them will be available on Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription to a vast catalogue of games that costs $4.99 USD a month.

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