The Game Creators release 10-game App Pack 1

2009's releases all for 99c

The Game Creators release 10-game App Pack 1
| App Pack 1

As with two-for-one promotions in supermarkets, so with mobile games where publishers such as Gameloft bundle up two or three older titles within one game pack.

I've never heard of any developer going as far as The Game Creators however.

It's just released a ten game pack, consisting off all its 2009 games - called App Pack 1 - onto the App Store.

The full breakdown of titles it contains are as follows:

DropSum - a number dropping game
iMoon Walk - dance like MJ
Smack It! Deluxe - Wack-a-mole
Touch & Go - match 3 puzzle
Retro Shoot - space shooter
iDare Deluxe - don't stab your hand
iLooney - crazy puzzle game, possibly politically incorrect
iBlow - blow realistic bubbles on your iPhone.
Mission Control - line-drawing spaceship traffic management
iDork Lite - sketchy schoolbook-based platformer

And it's pretty good value too considering the 99c, €0.79 or 59p price.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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