Apex Legends Mobile's latest season, Cold Snap, launches with a new hero, battle pass, game modes, and more

Winter has come early

Apex Legends Mobile's latest season, Cold Snap, launches with a new hero, battle pass, game modes, and more

Apex Legends Mobile launched just a little under a month ago with its first season called Prime Time. Now that chapter has already closed and it's time to kick off a new one as Apex Legends’ second season, Cold Snap is out now. The insanely popular battle royale received a dream start and according to the developers, this was just the beginning.

Cold Snap begins with the addition of a new character, Loba. Calling her childhood rough is probably an understatement because she saw her parents killed by a Revenant and had to pick pockets to survive. Fate eventually led her to a top-secret facility from where she got the Jump Drive tech, giving her access to pretty much anything she wants. Loba then joined the apex games for the moolah and some revenge.

Loba’s passive ability lets her see Epic and Legendary loot even through walls while her Tactical gives her the power of teleportation. Finally, her Ultimate Ability has her place a portable shop on the ground for loads of loot. She will be present at level 25 of the Battle Pass.

Moving on, a new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous has been added. It allows for the use of shotguns and snipers only, meaning you’re either up close or very far, there’s no in-between. The Climatizer has also been introduced at World’s Edge. It will randomly turn on and off causing it to snow. The avalanche will also bring with it items like loot boxes, diamonds, snow grenades and more.

Like with every season, a new battle pass has also been released and players who purchased the battle pass before Cold Snap’s launch will win an additional 50 Syndicate Gold and a Syndicate Pack. Completing this season’s pass will grant another 800. Besides that, there are a tonne of fixes and improvements to the overall gameplay.

Drop in to the new season by downloading Apex Legends Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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